Parent Information

We are excited to have your son participating in lacrosse this season! 

To get started, we need each interested player to provide us with their Contact Information.

I want to take my player home after an away game...

Please send an email to coach with your son’s name, what time and who will be picking him up, and the reason he isn’t riding on the team bus with the rest of the team.

For example:

“We live right next door.”

“We have an event after the game that we must get to expeditiously.”

Email coach:

The Uni HS Varsity Lacrosse program is not fully funded by the school.

Fund-raising is an integral part of any successful program.  If you have an idea for a fund-raiser or excel in fund-raising you should take the lead.  It is all year long, so there are plenty of opportunites.  The more we fundraise, the more the players get, like team gloves or maybe team bags.  If you have an idea, please contact the board ASAP.


Please go to our fundraising page to support the University Boy’s Lacrosse Team. Please contact Coach Andreas by email with any questions:

Without your support... 

Our program would not be able to continue.  If you are able to donate more, please consider a larger donation.  We also welcome everyone willing to volunteer their time, to assist the team and make this a fun and successful season.  Please make all checks for team donations payable to "UNI HS BOY’S LACROSSE”.




How to donate


We rely heavily on donations from our lacrosse families to help our team grow.  We strive to keep the costs as low as possible, as every season we have new athletes interested in lacrosse.  Your gear donation will help many new players try the sport for the first time. 

If you have equipment to donate, you must first clean it, then bring it to coach.  The equipment must be useable, any size, complete (not broken) and clean to be donated. 

Please speak with Coach Andreas, or email him at if you have any questions about donations of equipment this season.


Whether you are playing another sport for your school, or on your own, maybe even on vacation, you can still improve and work on your lacrosse skills. “HIT THE WALL.” You and your stick, a ball and a wall.  It is the best way to get good at lacrosse.  From pros down to beginners, lacrosse players hit the wall almost everyday to improve their skills.


What and when to eat before a game.

It is important to have proper nutrition, while maintaining a challenging work-out regimen to keep your health at it’s optimum level. 

It is a general rule that you should not eat anything two hours prior to your competition. 

The night before a game is a great time for carbohydrates (pasta) and a little protein (meat), try to stay away from dairy based items.  Eat a good breakfast and a small lunch on game day.

Hydration and sleep are also important for good health, please get your rest and drink plenty of water each day.

Equipment needed:

Each player is responsible for their own  equipment, which includes cleats, helmet, shoulder pads, a stick, gloves and elbowpads.  Lacrosse players wear football or soccer cleats.  If you have any equipment questions contact coach.