Some kind words about Tribz lacrosse training.

Dear Andreas,

Thank you so much for how thoughtfully you coached the boys this weekend. We greatly appreciate the way you connected with our son and then blessed all of us with your kind words. Your impact on these young men will last much longer than just a lacrosse season and we look forward to future opportunities with you.

Andreas is a graduate of the University of Virginia, and is truly a scholar-athlete.  He has an in-depth knowledge of lacrosse, and the ability to convey the intricacies of the game in a clear and concise manner. 

Andreas has a realistic idea of what skills players within any given age group should have mastered, and what skills will improve with age and maturity. 

Andreas teaches lacrosse actively, taking the field with his players and demonstrating what he wants.  He cheers and coaches enthusiastically from the sidelines, always keeping his comments constructive and motivational.  He is kind and fair but demands 100% effort.  His positive attitude and commitment bring out the best in his players.

Before my retirement, I was president of a division of a public company and managed a large staff.  Andreas possesses the integrity, intelligence and talent, as well as the ability to read and get along well with people, I sought in my employees and business associates.  Based on the qualities I’ve observed in Andreas as a coach, along with his entrepreneurial track record of success, I would not hesitate to recommend him...

For the past year, Andreas has worked with my 14-year-old son as both a lacrosse coach and private trainer.  Our experience with Andreas has been positive, and my son has benefited significantly from their relationship.

Andreas is a pleasure to work with from a business standpoint.  He is reliable, dependable and always on time.  He is organized and communicates clearly.  He is approachable and open and has a plan and growth-path in mind for each player.  He deftly and courteously handles difficult and demanding parents, listening to everyone but always doing the right thing.  Andreas is not only a dedicated coach with an excellent work ethic, he is also a polished professional.